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TWW General Meeting

Food Rescue and Climate Change

Mar 10, 2021
on zoom

Food Rescue and Climate Change -
Peninsula Food Runners Lead the Charge

Our speaker is Peninsula Food Runners Founder and Executive Director Maria Yap. Launched in 2013, this organization annually relays over 2.5 million pounds of delicious healthy food to families in need, while working to end hunger, improve the environment, and build community

Prior to founding Peninsula Food Runners, Maria was a devoted mother and served as a personal chef and health care advocate for her mother-in-law as she battled lung cancer. Maria has worked as a sous chef and as a pharmaceutical executive in marketing and sales for Burroughs Wellcome.She is a graduate of both Tante Marie's Cooking School in San Francisco and the University of Arizona, with a bachelor's in Food Service Management, minoring in Nutrition. Maria speaks Malay, Cantonese, and English.

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