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Local News - Stand up against Hate

By now all of you have heard about the vitriol spewing from a handful of agitators at Town Council meetings. This incendiary speech has resulted in Council sessions now conducted on zoom, new ordinances making it illegal to harass elected officials at their homes or harass the officials' families during council meetings.

  • News media are covering the Los Gatos United Against Hate march.

  • NBC Bay Area 

  • Support the Town Council at their next meeting on Nov 16 at 7pm.

Redistricting is currently taking place in California. Have you been paying attention to how it will affect your town? The district lines currently being visualized would mark big changes for Los Gatos. Look at the new state maps,  comment on  specific vizualizations, or general issues. The SJ Spotlight had a recent article about the proposed maps.

Great Local News: Karen Rubio's letter to the editor was published on 11/2/21 titled, Los Gatos is pushing back against hate, divisiveness. Bragging rights- her letter was linked in Anna Eshoo's 11/5 newsletter!

More actions - week of Nov 8

Sign up for Dia de Gracias - Central Valley Matters fundraiser on Thursday, Nov 18, at 5 pm. Sign up at

Join us in marching against Hate - Nov 14 meeting at Fisher Middle School at 2:00. Wear a T-shirt, available at the LG Chamber of Commerce beginning 11/11. 

Support Los Gatos Town Council - Sign up to speak at a town council meeting in 2021 in support of the LG Town council and Mayor Sayoc. Next meetings scheduled for Nov 16, Dec 7 & 21.
Don't want to zoom... then write a letter to the town council at

Display a "LG Stands United Against Hate" poster - in your window of your home or car or business. Pick up posters at the LG Chamber of Commerce office or 110 Clover Way. Or display a lawn sign - available at the LG Chambers.

Join a LG or other local town commission, board or committee - Click for: more info, a list of current LG openings and application.

Read/Listen/Watch - week of Nov 8

This article suggests that making things dull in public life might be a good tool to have in our tool box.

Help Texas Women after passage of SB8

  • As a provider, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas has new and immediate expenses due to the abortion ban.  Donations are welcomed here.  In addition,  write a note of support to clinic staff.    

  • Jane’s Due Process is an incredible organization that helps Texas minors in tough situations.  

  • Frontera Fund supports access to abortions in the Rio Grande Valley and Southern TX.  

  • Afiya Center supports reproductive freedom, especially in North TX Black community.  

  • Texas Equal Access Fund provides financial support and assistance to people seeking abortion care in TX.

  • Lilith Fund provides financial assistance and emotional support to people who need abortions in TX.  

  • West Fund is an El Paso based organization that assists women in that region of TX who need abortions.  

  • Bridge Collective helps people within 100 miles of Austin to get to abortion clinics.  

  • Clinic Access Support Network assists people in the Houston area access abortion care.

All these organizations are abiding by the new law and while they have been anticipating this for a while, they are now frantically pivoting to figure out ways to legally help women who will be negatively impacted.

More actions - week of October 25

Read/Listen/Watch - week of October 25

Proposed district maps are available from the California Redistricting Commission. There are multiple proposals and these are not the final lines. See proposed districts here. Some of the proposals are quite different from existing maps for the Bay Area, worth looking at these and considering commenting.


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8/15/20 Event kickoff on ZOOM
8/15/20 Event kickoff on ZOOM

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Lobby Day in Sacramento

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8/15/20 Event kickoff on ZOOM
8/15/20 Event kickoff on ZOOM

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