Don't Flip Out, Flip the Senate!

We are supporting Indivisible’s Payback Project - laser focused on flipping the Senate.  Eleven seats they think we can flip including Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Georgia and Montana.  We are asking for 25 dollars to attend the event but of course if you can give a little more, or donate even if you can’t attend, it would be greatly appreciated.

Resource Guide for Shelter In Place

This indexed document covers a wide range of resources to provide assistance, to answer questions, as well as ways to continue our important political advocacy work.

National Daily Health Survey For Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Stanford is asking for people to participate in a National Daily Health Survey to help manage COVID-19. Please take a minute to update every day. Please forward to friends everywhere.

MISSION: Together We Will (TWW) – Los Gatos is an inclusive network of global citizens and everyday activists, united in our enduring commitment to support efforts that strengthen our democracy. We are driven by our common values of inclusion, respect, fairness and equality.

PURPOSE: Together with neighbors and community members:

  • We learn and we educate to thoroughly understand the issues and to build sustainable competency;

  • We take and promote action to protect our democracy and our fellow citizens;

  • We advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves; and

  • We support and inspire one another, providing much needed connection and care.

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