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Through to the 2020 Election on November 3rd, TWW/I-LG will be operating an email news channel on a daily basis to keep subscribers up to date with some of the key articles and reporting on the campaigns coming from the liberal media.


Whether you are a member of TWW/I-LG or an interested member of the general public, by subscribing here, we will send you our curated media alerts each evening to the email address you have given us. They will typically be terse, to the point, and provide safe, tested links for you to follow. All material will be attributed to the authors and publishers we have referenced in each case. We will not be writing any opinion pieces or offering comment ... just providing you access to key news items we are following.

Our Terms & Conditions are quite straight-forward: i) all copy and images fall under the copyright of the entities we may direct you to, ii) we will publish our news circular daily but cannot assure you it will be on time every day, iii) we allow you to forward our publication to others but if they wish to have their own direct copy they will need to come to this page to subscribe, and iv) we have the sole right to approve any subscription and remove any subscriber at our discretion. By clicking the box below indicating "I accept terms & conditions" you are agreeing to the contents of this paragraph.

We look forward to having you join us as a subscriber ... and we promise no more than one email per day through to the Election.

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