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Help Ukraine

A week ago, Volodymyr Zelensky, a man of courage and conviction, stood up to authoritarianism.  A few years ago, he fought for democracy by standing up to Trump’s demand to help rig his election by giving him “dirt” on President Biden’s son. Now he stands up to bullying by Putin. He refused evacuation help from America, saying, “I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition.”

Our hearts break for those without a voice. For many in Russia and in Ukraine, activism is dangerous and people are afraid to speak up. If Marjorie Taylor Greene or others of her pro authoritarian ilk had their way, we would have no voice. Use yours.

What can you do to help?

Time to propose Priority Bills to California StateStrong

California StateStrong is looking for progressive bills to support in 2022 before February 28th. 

  • Suggest any bill that meets the prioritization criteria to TWW/I-Los Gatos. We will enter it into  StateStrong nomination list. 

  • Learn more about the proposed bills at the StateStrong meeting on March 7th @ 5:30PM

  • We will discuss all bills and choose our priorities at a special meeting on March 10th @ 6:00PM 

It's time to start writing letters for the 2022 midterms

Vote Forward just announced that the first 2022 letter writing campaigns are now available! Read more from Vote Forward about this year’s campaigns and some updates to the letter writing experience below, and head over to to start writing.The Swing Left Team

Visit our Letter Writing page

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Save our Democracy Challenge

At minute 25-28 Bruce Hahne is speaking about what we can do to ensure that our vote is counted, that the electoral college counts our vote and the next president is inaugurated.  Submitted by Alicia Barella  recording of ISP’s Democracy Vigil w/Ro Khanna / Join the “Save Our Democracy Challenge”

Happy New Year, TWW/Indivisible - Los Gatos members!

Happy New Year, TWW/Indivisible - Los Gatos members!

Welcome back. It is a new year and it could not be clearer that democracy is at risk. But it is not all doom and gloom. Biden has brought many victories: the 1T infrastructure bill, the 1.9T relief bill, 6.4mil job gains, 3.9% unemployment, a soaring stock market and the GDP is on pace for 5-6% growth. We rejoined the Paris Accord, the WHO and reversed the Muslim ban. We reunited separated families, cut child poverty in half and vaccinated 72% of adults. Biden has appointed and confirmed more federal judges than any first-term President since Reagan. And there are still 3 more Biden years with talk of changing the filibuster and movement to strengthen the Electoral College Act.

However, our democracy is more at risk today than it was before Biden. And we also recognize that you are tired. That is OK, be good to yourself, pace yourself and continue to work with your strengths, but do not despair.

TWW is streamlining our structure. We will be meeting once a month for general meetings with action opportunities at the end for those who want to make an impact. Our newsletter will also be streamlined with links sending you to our excellent website for the latest podcasts, readings etc. Another link will send you to our action spreadsheet for the latest actions. This way we can be nimbler and more responsive.

Gather your energy because this is an important election year and we need you.

In the words of Robert Hubbell, "Do More, Worry Less." ...No amount of worry will alter the outcome of events in 2022—but our actions will."

Thank you for every action you have taken to be fully informed and involved citizens. There is no more important time to join together to promote our collective progressive values to save America.

Karla Albright (408-666-6426), Lori Chaykin (408-230-9669 - text please), and Kjirste Morrell.


Electoral Advocacy

TWW General Meeting

Jan 10, 2018




8/15/20 Event kickoff on ZOOM
8/15/20 Event kickoff on ZOOM

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Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 5.43.45 PM
Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 5.43.45 PM

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Lobby Day in Sacramento
Lobby Day in Sacramento

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8/15/20 Event kickoff on ZOOM
8/15/20 Event kickoff on ZOOM

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