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The Advisory Board was formed to provide support and guidance to the TWW/Indivisible-Los Gatos leaders, Karla, and Sylvie.

The board helps inform their decisions, especially regarding group direction and mission.


  • The Board will be composed of 10-12 members. We will plan for some turnover each year to increase the diversity of perspectives, bring new ideas and share leadership responsibility.

  • Once a year, or more frequently as needed, the Board will examine its membership and make changes or additions.


  • Advise leaders on direction and approaches to fulfill the Mission, Purpose, and Objectives of the group.

  • Communicate sentiment from the full TWW group to the leaders.

  • Provide a sounding board for the leaders to try out new ideas.

  • Provide guidance to the leaders when questions that are difficult to resolve arise.


  • Commit to 1 year, though membership can extend beyond a year.

  • Attend at least 2 (of 3 planned) meetings for the year. 

  • Come to meetings fully prepared having completed homework.

  • Complete assigned action items on time.

  • Bring ideas and background information that could help the group.

  • Commit to following the meeting rules agreed to by the group.

  • Communicate in a timely fashion with Advisory Board members & leaders.

  • Assume one or more roles on the Advisory Board. 

  • Assume one or more leadership roles for the group.


  • Note taking.

  • Time keeping.

  • Plan and facilitate Advisory Board meetings.

  • Host/organize logistics for Advisory Board meetings.

  • Recruit new Advisory Board members- ongoing by all. intermittent for a subteam

  • Media liaison- non essential.

  • Liaison coordinator - non essential.

  • Communication of Board decisions - non essential.

Meetings are usually 6:30 pm – 9 pm.

First 30 minutes, optional socializing and eating. Meetings start at 7:00.

Meeting dates are TBD for 2023: Jan 24, possibly May and September / October

Meeting Ground Rules
  • Start and stop on time.

  • Come prepared.

  • Stay on topic and stay focused.

  • Share the airspace (Step up/Step back).

  • Be respectful.

  • One person speaks at a time.

  • Listen for understanding to all viewpoints.

  • Aim for ‘Yes, AND’ – Build on one another’s ideas.

  • When conflict arises, acknowledge it, listen for understanding, and determine steps to resolve.

  • We do not always need to agree.  Be open to differences. Unity does not have to be uniform.

  • Each step of the agenda, clarify objective(s), how a decision will be made, and follow-up steps (who will do what by when).

  • Record key decisions and follow-up steps.

  • Selective confidentiality:  When reporting/discussing our meetings/work, focus on the content not on the person(s).

  • For all decisions, you must be in attendance to vote.

  • We will use the Parking Lot to note future agenda topics/ideas.

  • Take care of yourself.

  • Assume best intentions.

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