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Text for abortion rights

Midterms 2022
Until November

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with Movement Labs

From now through November, text people to fight for abortion rights! Texting can be successful in activating people to take action, and before the mid-term elections, we need to turn out even more people to protect local abortion access.

Supported organizations:

AZ - Pro-Choice Arizona & Abortion Fund of Arizona
FL - Physicians for Reproductive Health*
GA - Amplify Georgia Collaborative*, Feminist Women's Health Center & SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!
IA - Iowa Abortion Access Fund
MI - YWCA (a coalition of 5 local organizations and their partners)
NC - Pro-Choice North Carolina*
NH - Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire*
NV - Wild West Action Fund* & Nevada NOW
OH - Ohio Women's Alliance Action Fund
PA - Women’s Law Project
VA - REPRO Rising Virginia*
Click here to start texting.