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Electoral Advocacy Meeting

Let's determine our key focus areas for 2021-2022

Mar 3, 2021
on zoom

At the next meeting we need to decide which areas are most important and who wants

to take a lead in each. (In the past it has worked well to identify co-leaders for each key area.)

Reminders from our last discussion…

Our decisions about goals and objectives will be determined collaboratively.

You may remember the example I shared before:

One of my two focuses is Fundraising. I have a particular interest in raising money for

organizations that fight hate.  You may also be interested in Fundraising, but you may have

different ideas about the organizations you would like to raise money for.  We can then work

together to determine how many events we will create, for whom, and what our goals are for

each event.  Our plans would then be shared with the larger EA group to finalize our goals/objectives.

Also, it is possible that one of us will have a strong desire to work in an area, but no one else

shares that interest.  I would hope we would try to recruit people outside of Electoral Advocacy

to join us, rather than abandon a strong interest.

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