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Feb 24, 2021
on Zoom

Hello Democracy Activists!

While we're all focused on how to get back to a more normal life, we still need to make our voices heard at both the state and federal level. In the actions below we have a reminder to call your members of Congress and ask for their support on several items: voting rights legislation (H.R.1/S.1), comprehensive Covid relief, and DC statehood (H.R. 51/S. 51). We hope you'll take a few minutes and make these calls; they are priorities for Indivisible and a priority for strengthening democracy in the US.

On the state level, the California Indivisible groups will soon be choosing which bills to focus on for 2021. We can make up to 5 recommendations as a group, with a March 1 deadline. If there is a bill you think is important, especially if it is one that hasn't received a lot of attention, please let us know ASAP via email or on Slack. If you'd like to look for worthy bills, this site allows you to search using keywords. Happy researching!

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