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Send Postcards to Voters in Riverside and Orange Counties

Get Out The Vote for Board of Education candidates with CA Grassroots Alliance

January 29, 2024

We have 90 days to write 60,000 postcards to keep Mom For Liberty / Christian Nationalists candidates from local schoolboards: 

  • In Riverside County, GOTV for Maliha Williamson for Riverside County Board of Education 

This school district is located in CA Cong. Dist. 41, where Democrats came with 1% of winning the seat in 2022 & Will Rollins is running again & working hard to turn it blue in 2024. Your help now will elect Will Rollins later. 

  • In Orange County, GOTV for Bea Mendoza (Area1 ), Nancy Watkins (Area 3) and David Johnson (Area 4) for Orange County Board of Education 

The Orange County Board of Education candidates overlap with important Congressional districts: flippable CA-45 (Michelle Steel), protecting CA-47 (Katie Porter’s open seat), CA-40 (Yong Kim: stretch flip), and CA-46 (Lou Correa, considered safe). Writing for these local elections will help up-ballot races.

Get addresses through POSTCARDS FOR DEMOCRACY

Or contact Elizabeth Reingold of Markers for Democracy

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