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Electoral Advocacy Meeting

Determine our individual and collective goals for 2021.

Feb 03, 2021
on zoom

We will list the possible focus areas and see who wants to work on them.

In this way we will establish our Electoral Advocacy priorities.

For example, one of my two focuses is Fundraising. I have a particular interest

in raising money for organizations that fight hate.  You may also be ineterested

in fundraising, but you may have different ideas about the organizations you would

like to raise money for.  We can then work together to determine how many events

we will create, for whom, and what our goals are for each event.

It is also possible that one of us will have a strong desire to work in an area, but no one else

shares that interest.  I would hope we would try to recruit people outside of Electoral Advocacy

to join us, rather than abandon a strong interest.

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