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TWW Community Meeting

Plan for the future and meet CADEM candidates

Jan 13, 2021
on zoom

The events of 2021 have already been jarring. Scenes of mayhem at the US Capitol on Jan 6 rapidly overran excitement about the results from the Georgia Senate runoff election. Thank you to everyone who worked for these crucial victories in Georgia. Much more should be possible in the next few years as a result of that election.

Also, the events of Jan 6 serve to illustrate the importance of the work we have done this past 4 years. We have done what we could to help constrain the actions of an anti-democratic executive branch. We helped flip the House in 2018 and maintain a Democratic majority in the House in 2020. Warnings about the potential for Trump to wreak havoc were often dismissed but look reasonable now. While we look forward to the Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan 20, we should remain aware that the transition period is risky and is not yet over. If you have not yet done so, please see Indivisible's call to action regarding impeachment and removal of Trump from office.

And yet... we're trying to figure out how to focus our work in 2021 and want your input! Please fill out our survey!

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