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TWW Holiday Social

Our holiday party will be a little different this year, in a spirit of compassion and generosity, and considering the virus. We will have drinks and nibbles in the backyard to be COVID-safe. As always, spouses, kids, and friends are welcome!

Dec 12, 2021
los gatos

Karla's backyard

110 clover way

There is no need to bring food or drink; however, we ask people to bring toiletries for The Little Food Pantry (soap for dishes, clothes, hair, or body, plus toilet paper.) Holiday baking ingredients and spices are appreciated too. Feel free to bring cash or gift cards from stores to help the food insecure buy food and presents for the holidays. Please give as much as you can. The outside Free Food Pantry is feeding 50-100 families a week; many are Latino workers who live in Watsonville.


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