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Electoral Advocacy Meeting

Jan 06 2021
6:00 pm
zoom meeting

Discuss the 2021 goals

We did catch up with one another and then brainstorm possible focuses for 2021.  

Please come prepared to share 1 or 2 topics/activitiesyou think EA should focus on and your reasons for your selection(s).We will go 'around the table’, hearing one suggestion from each person, untilwe have all the ideas listed.  Following brainstorming rules, we can build on theideas or ask questions for clarity.  No negative comments. We do not want toinhibit creativity.Then we will review the list, adding ideas/comments for our collective consideration.

If the group is ready, we will vote at the end of the meeting, selecting the3-4 focus areas we want to tackle.  (If not ready, I would ask that each membersend me their votes within a week, and I will publish them to the group.)

See Minutes attached