About Textbanking

Interested in Text banking?

There are many different groups texting voters about elections and issues. The Democratic Volunteer Center has a nice overview on text banking if you want to learn about the options: https://demvolctr.org/resources/textbanking/.

We recommend learning to text with Indivisible. You must sign up for training, see this page: https://2020.indivisible.org/textbank/.

Try to get a chance to shadow someone on Zoom while they text. This will give you a good idea of how it works. You can do this either before or after training. Ask the trainers about opportunities to shadow or ask us.

The main things to know about Indivisible's texting are:

  • You must do it using your computer, not a phone.

  • They use the TextOut platform for texting.

  • They use Slack to communicate with the texting volunteers and want you to have it open while texting so they can help you out.

  • There are a *TON* of prewritten recommended replies. So many! These make texting easier and faster. You can edit one of these replies before sending.

You do not need to have used Slack or TextOut before. Many other volunteers are also new to using both of these programs.

Some of us find that texting gives us the time to think about a reply and leads to better conversations. The Indivisible moderators can help you figure out how to reply to someone if you get stuck.

Here are some additional organizations that are offering texting opportunities to support presidential or down ballot races or other progressive causes.

ACLU People Power:
ACLU's volunteer teams mobilize and organize communities across the country. Sign Up Here

Democratic Volunteer Center:
Lots of opportunities every Monday. Sign Up Here

Doug Jones:
Help keep this Alabama seat. Sign Up Here

Indivisible's Payback Project:
Focused on flipping 11 key Senate seats. Sign Up Here

Jamie Harrison:
Running to unseat Lindsey Graham. Sign Up Here

Joe Biden:
Join Joe's texting team. Sign Up Here

Mark Kelly:
Senate candidate in AZ. Sign Up Here

Peer-to-peer text messaging to mobilize  voters across the country. Sign Up Here

NextGen America:
Help us spread the word by signing up to send text messages to our text activists. Sign Up Here

Open Progress:
Candidate and issues-focused conversations with voters via text messaging. Sign Up Here

Real Justice:
Join the fight to reform our criminal justice system from home! Sign Up Here

Resistance Labs:
Make a real impact by reaching voters. Sign Up Here

Sara Gideon:
Running against Susan Collins in Maine. Sign Up Here

TJ Cox:
Close House race in central CA. Sign Up Here

If you'd like to join the Textbanking team, or just want to be updated about news and events, please click on the link below and check the appropriate box(es) on the form.


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