About Postcarding

TWW/I-LG Postcarding lead: Karen de Louraille


Postcards are a popular and fun way to support campaigns from afar. They’re easy and satisfying to do at home. Campaigns tell us who to send postcards to and provide information on what to say. Usually you are encouraged to personalize the message, which might be as little as using different colored pens or highlighter. TWW/Indivisible - Los Gatos members have written postcards for House, Senate, state legislature candidates, and on issue campaigns. Our postcardleader, Karen, is connected with campaigns that we support and she will provide everything that you need to get started.

Reach out to Karen if you would like to get a postcard packet and get started, or if you have questions. Sending postcards is an action that you can do well ahead of an election that will stop about a month before election day.

Other groups that have active postcard programs and can help you get started are:

Flip the West: Sign Up Here

Sister District South Bay: email 

Democratic Volunteer Center:  Sign Up Here 

Postcards to Voters: Sign Up Here 

Reclaim Our Vote: Sign Up Here 

If you'd like to join the Postcarding team, or just want to be updated about news and events, please click on the link below and check the appropriate box(es) on the form.


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